BMW E36 Reinforced Engine Subframe / Front Cross Member


BMW E36 Reinforced Engine Subframe / Front Cross Member

Everybody knows the E36 likes eating its own subframe.

Now you can have a bolt up solution that addresses this!

Cracking/failure is not uncommon even with a stock engine and mounts.

Once a different/heavier engine is dropped in, or with solid/worn mounts it can increase the chance of this common failure occuring.

Our reinforced E36 engine subframe will let you sleep at night knowing your subframe is damn near unbreakable.

Send us your good condition subframe and we will send you our freshly powder coated and reinforced subframe back! As easy as it gets.

Our four piece engine subframe tab and gusset kit takes care of strengthening the weak factory engine mount area.

After reinforcement, the whole subframe is sandblasted and powdercoated in your choice of colour. We usually keep satin black in stock, but we can do many different colours! Shoot us an email with your ideas!

We offer 3 options for this service.

  1. You ship/drop off your straight subframe and we ship you our reinforced one. (no core deposit)
  2.  You purchase our ready to go subframe, (you will be charged a core deposit) and once we receive your straight subframe back, we will refund you the core deposit amount. This saves having your car off the road whilst the magic happens.
  3. You can purchase our ready to go subframe outright if you do not wish to send us your core.

Just select your choice in the drop down box at the top of the listing.

We do also offer the weld in reinforcement kit on its own if you can weld. Click the link below to check it out.

E36 Engine Crossmember Reinforcement Plates

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BMW E36 Reinforced Engine Subframe / Front Crossmember

Bolt in solution.

Aussie made parts.


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 82 × 40 × 20 cm
Choose Colour

Black, Red, Blue

Choose core

I will supply my core upfront, I will return you my core afterwards, I will not be sending in my core


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