BMW E36 Rear Subframe Chassis Reinforcement Kit


BMW E36 Rear Subframe Chassis Reinforcement Kit

It’s common knowledge that the E36 chassis is prone to cracking where the rear subframe meets the body.

BMW reinforced the M3’s from the factory, but all other models are susceptible to this happening, even the stock 4 cyl cars!

These are a must if racing, rallying or track daying your Non M E36, or putting down higher than stock power.

The kit consists of 4 plates that reinforce the rear subframe chassis mounting postition. Over time, due to the movement allowed by the rubber bushings in the rear, the chassis mounting points for the subframe will flex, weakening the thin sheet metal of the body.

Cracks can start to appear under the subframe, which can turn into major damage. As always, prevention is the best cure.

Having these plates welded to the underside of the chassis significantly strengthens up the mounting points.

Fits all E36 models except ti (hatchback)

These comes as a 4 piece kit that require removal of the rear subframe assembly and welding/grinding.

26 in stock



CAD designed and laser cut from 3mm steel.
Made right here in Brisbane, Australia.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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