E36 Product Fitment Guides


  • Degrease it good and then strip the paint off the areas you need to weld on. Sandblasting is great. Paint stripper can also work. Whatever you need to get the paint off the inside of the engine mount pad.The first item to attach is the engine mount pad reinforcing plate. Line up the holes and clamp it in place with clamps or a bolt. Tack weld in a couple of spots.
















    Put a nut and bolt in to hold it to the subframe if you haven’t already.
















    Weld around the perimeter completely.
















    Remove any welding slag before moving on to the next step.

    Take the reinforcing gusset and test fit it in its home.

    As we mentioned in the product listing, every now and then these will need a bit of grinding to fit spot on.

    Hold it against the top edge of the subframe and tack it on the outer corners and in the middle.

    Now using a hammer, bend the gusset downwards until it meets the subframe tab.

    Tack it again here.
















    Weld it in place completely around the outside.














    Make sure to let the welds cool naturally for strength.

    Admire your race car fabrication skills.

    Wire brush the welds, paint it and reinstall!


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