BMW E30 Steering Rack Conversion Spacers


BMW E30 Steering Rack Conversion Spacers.

Upgrading to an Z3, E36 or the famed E46 purple tag steering rack in your E30 is one of the best improvements you can make.

The factory E30 steering rack has about 4 turns lock to lock, making the steering feel vague and unresponsive.

Converting to an E36 or E46 steering rack, both of which have much quicker ratio and less turns lock to lock literally transforms the car.

The E36/E46 racks are narrower than the E30 racks in the mounting section, which means if you are planning to fit this upgrade, you will need these spacers to compensate for the mounting tab height difference between the two racks.

Quantity one in the cart means we send you one pair of spacers.


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BMW Steering Rack Spacers

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