BMW E30 Camber / Toe Correction Adjuster Plates


The E30 from the factory does not have any provisions for adjusting the rear camber or toe.

The moment you lower an E30, these alignment settings change, usually resulting in excessive negative camber and unwanted toe.

These slotted brackets allow you to, in most cases, regain perfect alignment settings.

Whilst there are kits around that consist of weak press bent tabs, ours are CNC machined from a bright steel billet. Making a super strong piece.

This ensures the eccentric bolts are a snug fit in the bracket – otherwise there is a high chance of them simply coming loose.

The brackets come as a set of 4, which, depending on the orientation of the slot, and position will do EITHER camber or toe.

Your subframe has 4 trailing arm mounting points. Inner (closest to the differential) and outer (closest to the wheels)

To enable camber adjustment, the brackets are welded on to the INNER trailing arm mounts, with the slot going vertically (up and down)

To enable toe adjustment, the brackets are welded on to the OUTER trailing arm mounts, with the slot going Horizontally (front to back)

To adjust bother camber and toe adjustment, you will need to buy 2 kits (quantity 2 in the cart)

To adjust either camber OR toe (not both) you will need to buy 1 kit (quantity 1 in the cart)

These do not come with the adjuster bolts.

The bolts needed once these kits are fitted are straight off any E39 BMW. The bolts are available genuine from BMW, but it is usually cheaper to grab a set from your local BMW wrecker. (you will need 2 bolt sets per kit)

It is recommended that thread locker is used on these bolts once set.

The bolts you want are the larger M12 x 1.5mm TOE adjustment bolts.

The part numbers for the bolt set are:

33321095102 – Eccentric Bolt
33326760668 – Flanged Nut
33306786186 – Eccentric Flat Washer

Note: Fitting of this kit will involve removal of the rear subframe from the car, and welding/grinding of the subframe.

Be sure to read and follow our fitment guide below, as this is a fairly involved procedure.

E30 Camber/Toe Adjustment Plate fitment Guide

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Proudly Australian made

E30 Camber / Toe Correction Adjuster Plates

CAD designed and CNC machined

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 cm


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