BMW 57mm Wheel Stud Conversion Kit M12 X 1.5 4 Stud E30 E21


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BMW 57mm Wheel Stud Conversion Kit M12 X 1.5 4 stud kit

This is the 4 Lug option (comes with 16 studs)

Wheel bolts suck.

For an enthusiast, the factory BMW wheel bolts are one of the more annoying items on our cars.

These stud kits are quality items and are designed to replace your factory bolts.

Unlike other brands that require you to double nut every stud for installation, these accept an allen key in the nose for easy installation.

This gives you two epic advantages.

Taking your wheels on and off is now a breeze – no more juggling to line the wheel bolt holes with your foot whilst trying to get the wheel bolt started.

A must have for anyone that swaps wheels all the time – especially track/race cars.

The second advantage is the ability to run spacers to correct wheel offset and get your junk flush.

These stud kits have been proven to work all over the world on everything from street cars to full blown race/drift cars.

These are 57mm overall, which should be enough for an 8mm mm spacer, however, be sure to check you have enough nut engagement!

Comes with a full set of matching silver or black 60 degree conical seat, open ended extended nuts.

We also have longer 73mm studs and kits to suit your 5 lug car.

We recommend using Loctite to install, something equivalent to Loctite 243.

Wind the studs in until they stop threading, or simply stop at the last thread of the smaller threaded section.

Torque the wheel nuts to 100NM. Recheck after 50 or so KM!!

Just select the options from the drop down box.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm
Choose Lug Nut Finish

Black, Chrome, I don't want wheel nuts


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